Research Opportunities
Gateway Research Awards for Undergraduates


To encourage first- and second-year students to get involved in the McCormick research enterprise.


This competition will make $1,000 available to students who show clear promise for doing outstanding work as a researcher.

These funds will be available until May 31, 2016 and are to be used for research-related expenses only.


Students are urged to review all the information related to getting started in a research endeavor.

Applicants will use the online application management process through the drop-down menu of the McCormick Undergraduate Opportunities portal where they will up-load their documents.

A faculty endorsement will need to be entered, too.

The deadline for submission is Friday, November 13, 2015.

Judging & Selection Process

A panel of three faculty will serve as the jury for the applications. Final award decisions will be made by the dean of undergraduate studies.

How to Apply

Complete the Online Application

With their application, applicants must submit the following as a PDF file:

  1. The project title
  2. Project abstract (150 words or less)
  3. Description of proposed work (500 words or less)
  4. Statement on importance or impact of project (150 words or less)
  5. The name of the faculty mentor for the project
  6. Personal resume (300 words or less)