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Current Registration Schedule

Please see the current Academic Calendar

All students must meet with an adviser and complete a study plan on MAS before registering.

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Registration Procedures

All engineering students will have an advising hold placed on their quarter registrations. This hold will be removed only when the student submits a study plan on MAS and gets advisor approval.

How to Register for Classes

  1. Schedule a meeting with an adviser and submit a study plan on MAS.
  2. Ensure that your adviser has approved your study plan on MAS.
  3. Your registration hold will then be removed.
  4. Register for classes through CAESAR, the university course registration system.

How to Meet With Your Adviser

  • Most advisers will contact their advisees regarding advising sign-up 1-3 weeks prior to registration week.
  • If you need to meet with your adviser prior to this or have not heard from your adviser within one week of registration, contact your adviser directly to set up an appointment. time.
  • If you are not sure who your adviser is, check the McCormick Advising System (MAS).

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McCormick does NOT participate in the Northwestern pre-registration process.

Unless you are in a dual program that participates in pre-registration, please ignore the pre-registration appointment times.

Students in programs participating in pre-registration should meet with their adviser and submit their study plan prior to their pre-registration appointment. If students do not do this, their hold may not be lifted in time for their pre-registration appointment.

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Courses With Time Conflicts

CAESAR prevents students from registering for classes with a time conflict. Students who must register for time-conflicting courses are to complete the Registration Time Conflict Permission Form, available in our Undergraduate Engineering Office or the Registrar’s Office in Rebecca Crown.

This form requires the e-signature of the instructors of both courses. Once completed, the form should be emailed to the University Registrar’s Office for processing.

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Co-Op & Approved Professional Internships

If you are on Co-op and did not already submit a signed study plan for the quarter you are returning to take classes, you need to either submit a signed study plan or send an email (with adviser approval of your courses) to the McCormick Office of Career Development before your registration hold will be released.

Co-op students will be registered for the Co-op course by the Co-op office. Students going on Co-op assignment during the upcoming quarter need to meet with their faculty advisor to discuss which courses they will take when they return to McCormick and return their study plan for that quarter directly to the Co-op office (Ford 2-350).

Co-op students should call the Co-op office regarding Co-op concerns or difficulties with online registration at 847-491-3366.

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Study Abroad Students

Prior to our office signing off on your study abroad application your academic advisor must approve your study plan in MAS for the quarter after you return to Northwestern. If you have any questions regarding this please contact the Office of Undergraduate Engineering

Registration Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have a McCormick Advising Hold?

Each quarter, an advising hold is placed on all McCormick students. This hold is released by meeting with your adviser and completing a study plan on MAS, then getting it approved by your advisor. The hold is usually removed by the end of the following business day. This is done to ensure that you are meeting with your adviser each quarter.

Can I register for five classes?

McCormick students are able to register for up to 5.5 units of credit without needing permission of the Office of Undergraduate Engineering.

During the normal registration period, a McCormick student can only register for 4.99 units of credit. Anything over that needs to be added during the drop/add period at the beginning of each quarter.

This allows all students a chance at getting into four courses before others are adding a fifth course.

Anything above 5.5 units will need permission of the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Engineering.

Please read the most updated policy for Northwestern’s Undergraduate Registration Requirements.

How do I add a class once the quarter begins?

During the drop/add period (approximately the first week of the term - see the current class schedule for specific dates), courses can be added via CAESAR.

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Registration Resources

Northwestern Office of the Registrar

To view Northwestern’s registration resources and policies, including how to order an electronic transcript, add/drop a class, register through CAESAR, and more, visit the Office of the Registrar’s website.

CAESAR (Course Catalog)

Log in to CAESAR to find your registration time, add and drop classes, view your student account information, and pay bills.

Course Duplicates

Some courses at the university cover substantially the same subject matter. If you take two courses considered duplicates, only one of them will count toward your degree. Avoid this mistake: check the information on the Course Duplicates page.

Transfer Credits

Get important information about the processes to transfer credits from other institutions or study abroad or for departmental credit, theme, and unrestricted electives.

P / N Grading Option

McCormick students can take up to eight (8) quarter courses on a P/N (Pass/No Credit) basis. Find out about eligibility and procedures to take a course as P/N.


Download and complete the forms needed for tasks such as changing your major or adviser, transferring credits to McCormick, petitioning to graduate, and more.

Health Professions Advising

HPA can answer your questions on academic topics that go beyond your McCormick coursework, such as information on pre-med and pre-health tracks.