Advising & Registration
Pass / No Credit Option

Not all Northwestern courses may be taken with P/N grading. Only courses showing "Student Option" (abbreviated OPT) Grading in the class detail section on CAESAR are eligible for P/N grading.

P/N Grading Restrictions

  • McCormick cannot override the grading option for courses taught by other schools at Northwestern.
  • McCormick courses are not offered with the Student Option grading.
  • No more than eight courses with P grades may be counted toward the degree.
  • Courses with P grades can only be used to meet Theme and Unrestricted Elective requirements.
    • Only select McCormick degree programs allow P grades in major requirements. Refer to the P/N Grade Option Policy to determine which (if any) courses in your major program can be taken P/N.

Non-Northwestern Courses

Non-Northwestern University courses that were taken for a grade (but which will appear without a letter grade on the student's transcript, nevertheless) may be exempted from P/N restrictions.

Students should secure approval for this exemption via a curriculum petition before applying such credits against their degree requirements.

How to Take a Course P/N

Students should elect the P/N grading option when they initially register for the course in CAESAR. Students may change their grading option using CAESAR's Update function or by submitting a P/N form

Students should confirm with their major program and/or the Undergraduate Engineering Office that the course they wish to take with P/N grading can satisfy the intended a degree requirement before making the change in CAESAR or submitting the P/N form. 

  • Freshmen and sophomores may elect P/N grading for 1 course each quarter by selecting a course (with student option grading) and making that change in CAESAR.
  • Juniors and seniors may elect P/N grading for more than 1 course each quarter. The first course can be changed in CAESAR by selecting a course (with student option grading). Electing P/N grading for subsequent courses requires submitting a P/N form.

Deadline to Take Courses P/N

Friday of the eighth week of the quarter. See the Academic Calendar or contact the Office of the Registrar for exact dates each quarter.