Facilities and Dining
Cohen Commons
Private Event Usage Guidelines


  • Room reservations for the entire Cohen Commons for private events will not be accepted between 11:00 a.m.– 2:30 p.m., Monday–Friday.
  • All priority, availability and reservation decisions for Cohen Commons will be made by McCormick Manager of Special Events, Andi Joppie. These decisions are final.
  • Cohen Commons is not available for student group private events.

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General Policies

  • The use of glitter, confetti, helium balloons, candles, tape, and similar décor are prohibited.
  • Please be sure that all deliveries and pickups for your event (e.g, food/beverage, catering equipment, etc.) are scheduled during the hours you have reserved the room. Early deliveries or late pick ups are subject to refusal if there is another event taking place in the room.
  • Care is to be taken with the interior of the room as well as furniture, equipment and other items in Cohen Commons. Repair costs for excessive damage will be charged to your department.


  • A licensed bartender is required for any event where alcohol is served.
  • Only Northwestern Catering/Compass Catering may be used for events in Cohen Commons.

Room Set-Up

Furniture may not be removed from Cohen Commons. You may move the tables and chairs within the room, but they must be returned to the original set-up following your event. 

68 Chairs and 16 tables (of which 2 are community tables that seat 10) are set in Cohen Commons. 4 highboy tables are also available upon request.

Room Key

Pick-up location: Tech L257

  • Your Onsite Contact, responsible for the room key, may pick-up the key between 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. the day of your event, or the previous business day.
  • If your Onsite Contact changes, please let Andi Joppie know. The substitute Onsite Contact must be both eligible and willing to assume full responsibility for the event. After the event has concluded, and the room has been restored, the Onsite Contact must lock the doors and ensure that they are securely closed. The Cohen Common key should be returned to Tech L257 the next business day.