Undergraduate Study
Honors & Combined Degrees

McCormick has several opportunities to earn multiple degrees, achieve honors, or pursue additional areas of study.

Liberal Arts & Engineering

Combined BA/BS Program

Qualified Northwestern undergraduates with strong interests in the liberal arts as well as engineering may elect to earn both a bachelor of arts degree in a liberal arts discipline from Weinberg College and a bachelor of science degree in an engineering field from McCormick (BA/BS). Students may pursue any combination of majors from the two schools. They must complete all requirements of both schools and both majors and are subject to all regulations of both schools and the URR. The one exception is that students may be exempted—by decision of the Assistant Dean for Academic Standing—from the rule that a maximum of 11 non-Weinberg College courses may be counted toward requirements for a Weinberg BA degree.

Interested students most often begin their studies in McCormick . To do the necessary planning, they should consult with a Weinberg College Adviser and McCormick's Assistant Director of Advising and Student Development. This should be done as soon as possible after enrolling at Northwestern. Students should meet regularly with advisers in both schools to discuss their progress toward completion of both sets of requirements.

Music & Engineering

Combined Music and Engineering Program

If you have the ability and commitment to pursue both music and engineering, consider McCormick’s five-year engineering and music program. You can earn a bachelor of science (BS) in engineering from the McCormick School and a bachelor of arts (BA) in music or a bachelor of music (BM) from Northwestern’s Bienen School of Music.

Medicine & Engineering

Northwestern Undergraduate Premedical Scholars Program (NUPSP)

The Northwestern Undergraduate Premedical Scholars Program (NUPSP) is an early MD acceptance program into the Feinberg School of Medicine for high-achieving Northwestern students.

Communication & Engineering

Combined Engineering and Communication Program

Technology and communication are the driving forces of change in today's global society. Students who are proficient in both these fields will possess a comparative advantage in pursuing careers that engage the public in any number of ways with science and technology. This program enables students to earn both a bachelor of science in engineering and either a bachelor of science or bachelor of arts in communications in five years.

Combined Bachelor’s / Master’s Degrees

For students who qualify through advanced placement credits, our combined BS / MS program enables you to take graduate-level courses during your undergraduate study, shortening the time required to earn a master’s degree. For some, it may even be possible to earn bachelor’s and master’s degrees at the same time, in just four years.

Murphy Scholars Program

The Murphy Scholars Program enables a group of top undergraduates to engage in self-directed activities of interest to them, with support from faculty advisers. Murphy Scholars may follow an existing curriculum or design their own academic path through the Integrated Engineering Studies degree program.

Undergraduate (Departmental) Honors

The accelerated, intensive study through McCormick’s Honors Programs isn’t for everyone. However, if you’re up to the challenge, we encourage you to apply for honors in your area of study during your junior or pre-senior year, at least three full quarters before completing your degree requirements.